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WIP - The Tesseract!
Something I have to finish by the end of next month. I know that it's a lot of time for most people but I'm a mess when it comes to time management.

I just realized he resembles the Vocaloid Olver some. But despite it all I'm really liking this one so far. :D
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Sketch Dump: Zoey
Old doodles from a of couple years ago, I think. I haven't been able to draw as much as I used to so I want to liven things up a bit, hehe.
Zoey is a girl I came up with back when I was in eighth grade. I was trying to redesign/restructure her physiognomy in order to achieve a look more reminiscent of an old American cartoon, as I had originally intended. But at the time I was also really inspired by Jamie Hewlett, so he had an impact on the way I drew the face shape too lol.

I made a pretty shotty animation of how I transformed her, but I don't know if I want to share it yet. Maybe for another slow day ^.^'
Night in the City
Something I gradually worked on over the last few days because I got sick. *sniffsniff*
I originally meant to make it as if a boy and girl were just missing each other in a city, but I eventually lost my focus and just decided to try and finish it.
This was made in MediBang Paint Pro, because I hear it's similar to FireAlpaca in terms of it being "lightweight" and having similar blending modes, but with the addition of being able to save to the cloud.

And also....
Please, somebody grant me powers so that I can magically know how to color T.T

I'm going try and rest some more now. Happy New Year's everybody!


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United States
Just the ruminations and flickering thoughts of someone's imagination. I may not post often, but when I can, I will. Just give me a hot cup of tea and distract my cat for a day so that I can get to my art for once c:

And for anyone who cares to know, I also have a YouTube channel where I occasionally upload MMD animations. Just a heads up though, you won't find anything truly MMD Cup worthy there XD
I make a lot of projects but never finish them, hehe. Maybe one day, though...



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You're welcome! You have a lot of pretty cool designs, so I had to give one~:smile: 
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Alright~ Can't wait! Hopefully inspiration strikes soon! ^^b
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Thanks For The Llama Emote
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